F. M. Alexander

Who was Frederick Matthias Alexander?

Frederick Mathias Alexander (1869-1955) was a Shakespearean actor whose career was challenged by a problem of aphonia Unable to find solutions with doctors of his time, he came to practice a careful observation of himself in his dailylife. Thanks to this research, he came to the conclusion that his problem was not the result of a local failure, but of a general misuse of his body on a daily basis, and particularly during his professional practice. Realizing that it was impossible to dissociate the mind from the body, he developed a technique of reeducation by thought and suggestions, which today bears his name.

Considering the scientific  approach as the foundation of his work, Alexander used self-observation and reasoning to organize his method around major axes to make any type of movement easier and lighter, rid of unconscious habits and other body automatisms that interfere with the actions we want to perform. These principles allow the student to become autonomous  and thus to continue to improve without the assistance of a teacher.

Alexander taught in London, where he opened his first school, and in Massachusetts, USA. He is also the author of "The Use of Be" and "The Supreme Legacy of Man".