How is a lesson going ?

The teaching of the Alexander technique is done considering the person as a whole,
in other words, the unity and interdependence of body and thought.
To understand and integrate the principles of the technique, one must experience it. Throughout his life, Alexander insisted that the assimilation of his teaching couldn't be done only through a theoretical understanding.

By means of verbal indications and through his touch, the teacher gives his student the experience of a more natural balance of his head in relationship with to the rest of his body.
Subsequently, the teacher will guide his student through simple verbal indications, which in the jargon of the Alexander technique are called "directions": "let the neck free of all tensions", "consider the head in balance on the spine "," let the spine lengthen and widen "," let the shoulder blades move away from each other ".
Initially considered in terms of thoughts, while leaving it to act without trying to do anything, this directions will reverberate on the body where they will become more and more effective. With the assistance of his teacher, the student gradually establishes a new internal balance and ensures that it is maintained during simple activities before entering into the framework of his own practices.

For those who consult me ​​in the context of a particular activity (music, theater, sport, professional gestures), we will work quickly on the movements that are specific to you.

Progressively, the student sees his sensory appreciation become more reliable. His ability to observe himself on a daily basis increases, He becomes able to modify his gestures whenever he wants, not by constraining himself in order to be precise, but by getting rid of the habits, the preparatory constraints and the micros movements that hinder the realization of the gesture envisaged.
He becomes   actor and responsible for his own well-being and his performance in activity.

An individual course lasts between 1 hour and 1 hour 20. The frequency of classes has a significant effect on assimilation. When learning begins, it is recommended to take two lessons per week and gradually reduce the frequency.
After forty lessons, the student will have enough keys to practice the Alexander technique independently in his daily life and activities.

It is also possible to organize group courses within structures such as sports centers, health centers, conservatories, theater schools, nursing home.