Reiki Usui

Reiki is a method of care discovered in Japan in the 1920s, by its founder Dr. Mikao Usui. A cultivated man. Usui was passionate about theology and deeply studied Tendai Buddhism and Shingon.

It was through meditation, a common practice in Buddhist culture, that he developed use of "Ki", ​​an energy used by oriental systems such as acupuncture, and present in the environment in inexhaustible quantities.

The method developed by Mikao Usui is based on the imposition of the hands by the practitioner, who through a practice of capture, redistributes this energy on different key areas of the body of the receiving person.

Reiki can be used in relaxation or SPA as well as with care. The relaxation that occurs during the session permeates not only the body, but also the mind and causes a relaxation of tension, stress and physical pain. Reiki thus makes it possible to accompany the people in physical or moral suffering. According to the principles of Chinese medicine, restoring the energy circuit helps to stimulate the body's natural ability to self-heal. In the United States, as well as in Canada, Reiki is sometimes used as accompaniment in a hospital environment.

How is a session going?

The catcher is lying comfortably on a massage table, preferably dressed in loose clothes (wide pants, training, tshirt, the jewels are deposited). The practitioner puts his hands gently above his body, and let the Reiki act. Each position lasts a few minutes, except in the case of areas requiring special attention, where prolonged work may be necessary. The front and the back of the body are treated.

For people for whom being touched is uncomfortable, a non-contact session is possible by positioning the hands a few centimeters above the body.

The practitioner is in a state of availability,  listening to your energy needs. It reviews the different areas of your body and redistributes Reiki to restore the balance of your energy circuit.

The receiving person relaxes gradually and finds himself in a state of deep relaxation. It's in this state that he frees himself from his tenions, his anchors and his old patterns. Once the session is over, the practitioner gently raises it.

Each session lasts about an hour.