The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique allows everyone:

  • to improve his performance, his gestures. It is used by many artists and sportsmen.
  • to prevent and soothe chronic diseases (back pain, cervical pain, tendinitis, migraines)
  • to have a better management of stress.

 The Alexander Technique is a method of global reeducation that improves the way we use ourselves every day. The discovery of its founder, FM Alexander, is that the balance of the head ,relative to the rest of the body , is the central element of our coordination.

Over time, each of us develops unconscious habits, postures, micro movements that interfere with our natural postural balance. One of the most common is to pull the head back from the neck while narrowing the trunk and the limbs. The head weights on average 10-12 lbs  , this compression generates a permanent imbalance that is reflected throughout our body.

Although we do not feel it, by force of habit, this compression hinders our body's functioning. It decreases our performance when we are active, is a source of fatigue,  increase the long-term appearance of chronic pain, whether articular, dorsal, but also respiratory and circulatory, and prevents us to adopt a good the posture

The Alexander technique allows the inversion of the process. By becoming aware of our habits, it allows us to take in hand the use we make of ourselves. It gives everyone the opportunity to encourage at every moment a better coordination, a better posture, a greater dynamism.

It offers a gradual re-education of the perception we have of ourselves, by gradually avoiding us to return into the inappropriate habits we were previously unaware of. It allows us to be more efficient and effective in any activity (artistic, sport, work)

Throughout the world, thousands of people trust it and many of her celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, Greg Chapel, Jerermy Irons, Aldous Huxley, Joan Bakewell, and Robin Williams have used it.

It is an integral part of dance school training programs, circuses, music and
Some of his Olympic sports. Amongst this schools : the New York Julliard School of Performing Arts, the Brussels Conservatory of Music, and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.

In the United Kingdom, where it was born, it has been the subject of many studies and the medical community is convinced of its effectiveness. Many articles about it have been published in the British Medical Journal.