Who is the Alexander Technique for?

This technique allows everyone to improve their efficiency in any activity. It is aimed to anyone who wishes to optimize their performance.

For the suffering people

The Alexander Technique has above all a preventive vocation. By improving the use of  the self, it is possible for everyone to prevent the appearance of certain pathologies, apparently localized. If, however, these prove to be already present, the idea developed by FM Alexander is that by improving the overall use of his body, we will see a clear improvement or even a disappearance of symtoms. By reducing the internal pressures on the organs that interfere with their good functioning, we often gets an indirect improvement on health condition. It provides interesting assistance in the case of back pain, scoliosis, neck pain, musculoskeletal disorders, tendonitis, arthrosis, but also in more diverse categories, such as migraines, stuttering, anxiety, certain digestive disorders. Since this technique makes it possible to improve our use of self  and that this use conditions our functioning, it is not rare to realize that after several lessons, elements on which we do not have direct control, such as the sight, ordorate, breathing capacity or resistance to stress, improves.

To musicians and artists

For musicians, actors, dancers, and all those who wish to improve their efficiency in activity. Alexander began his career as an actor, and his technique is still very  popular amongst them,  désirous to enhance the quality of their games. It has been integrated in many schools, including Julliard School of Performing Arts in New York, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London or the Conservatory of Music in Brussels

It is also a valuable tool for many orchestras or troupes of dancers. My experience in this field has led me to work with various profiles, cellists, bassists, Tango dancers, opera singers, jazz or country. musicians.


It allows a considerable improvement in the precision of the gesture, by working on the awarness Through the suppression of movements made unconsciously, bad habit, reflexes, and the stress aroused by the achievement of the goal. It allows to optimize movements in order to get closer to the results we want to get from our body . Being myself an actor of he martial arts universe, I find it particularly efficient in this context, but also other sports of precision, such as archery, or throwing javelins . The technique has contributed to the success of many Tennis, Golf and Baseball players.

For pregnant women

It helps to prevent pain during pregnancy  and can also be used to assist  during childbirth

For old people

It considerably improves their autonomy and makes it possible to limit the risk of falling. Mobility is improved. A work on the postural awareness allows to fight gradually and gently against the vaulted back

To employers

Desiring to enter into a preventive approach with  their staff, particularly in the context of injuries related to the practice of repeated actions or prolonged sitting or standing postures.

To hospitals and clinics

To support the management of pain or the rehabilitation of people recovering:  A number of physiotherapists are using the Alexander technique as an adjunct to their musculoskeletal work.